Political Candidate Leaks His Own Sex Pics As Part Of Campaign

Candidate for West Hollywood city council leaks own nude photos and sex videos in a bid to run a transparent campaign.

Political candidate Eric Schmidt leaks a photo of him standing naked in his back garden smeared with mud, image is pixellated

While other political candidates live in fear of leaks, Eric Jon Schmidt, in the running for a place on the West Hollywood city council, has decided total transparency is the best policy.  

Schmidt released naked photos and videos of him engaging in gay sex in a bid to be more honest about himself, and possibly exposing himself before his competitors got the chance.

He posted a link to his profile on the website DudesNude which contains various photos of himself naked, including ones of him smeared in mud in a back garden, as well as engaging in sexual situations with other men. There are also graphic videos of him engaging in different types of sexual activity which he had no qualms about sharing.

On his profile, Need2BNude, as well as describing himself as an ex Cub-scout and Boy-scout, he says, “Looking at me you would never know that I’m a (sic) sexhibitionist performer…I’m not a porn star and don’t want to be. I don’t get paid for doing videos and I don’t make money from them. I just like doing it.”

The profile goes on to say, “Let’s have coffee, play scrabble, gin rummy, go for a hike, have sex…whatever you like. I am the single-most approachable guy on earth.”

The West Hollywood area, made even more famous for hosting RuPaul’s Drag Racehas a gay community which makes up 40% of its population. Schmidt implies his constituents might even appreciate his leaks.

In an interview about his decision, he stated, “I do not think it will hurt my campaign anymore than it would a competitors stamp collecting hobby…I do think it will help my campaign for people who believe the human body as art. Plus it shows that I believe in transparency and I’m not afraid to express myself.”

Just in case people were concerned about his behaviour based on the leaks, he added, “I don’t always have to have sex in front of a camera. I can be discrete. My Partner and I have a very normal sexual relationship.”

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