Perez Hilton Would Prefer If Son Was Not Gay

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton explained his views in a recently posted Youtube video responding to a social media backlash.

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Perez Hilton posted a video to his Youtube channel responding to backlash he received for statements he made during a podcast conversation regarding his views on the possibility of his five year-old son being gay.

While discussing comments made online by people stating Amber Rose’s son would be turned gay by listening to Taylor Swift’s music, Perez swiftly called out the ridiculousness of the idea. He surprised Chris Booker, the co-host of The Perez Hilton Podcast by following up with the statement that, although he didn’t think music could turn a child gay, “this might get me in trouble, but I would not put my son in dance class because dance class might”. When Booker voiced his surprise, Perez went on to say he would prefer it if his son was heterosexual.

Hilton took to Youtube later to clarify his comments. In the video, he says, “If my son turns out to be gay… I will love my son unconditionally. However, if I had my preference, I would prefer my son to be heterosexual, because that’s easier.”



Speaking of how his own experiences affected his view, he continues: “I’m not ashamed of being gay but if I could go back in time and when I was 18 be given a choice… I would have chosen then to be heterosexual… Being a gay man… is still a harder road to travel on. I don’t want my son… to have a harder path in life.”

He then doubled down on his views about dance classes for boys. “I wouldn’t put my son into dance class because I think dance class might help make your son gay… because I know a lot of dancers. I would say a good amount, maybe like 50% or more of little boys who take dance class end up being gay.”

He finished up by stating, “And I said what I said because I think I’m a good dad… I know I’m a good dad.”

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