Leaked Queens Rumoured To Appear On RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3

Here's the RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 lineup according to the internet

RuPaul standing in a bright white and red suit to promote RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3

RuPaul is set to announce the queens who will be appearing in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 tonight with a special preview of the first episode introducing the participants.

In a teaser, RuPaul said that the show would include never-before-seen footage of the drag queens we think we know so well.

“I’ve hand-picked a cast that not only deserves a second chance at the crown, but also inspires all of us to never give up on our dreams,” RuPaul said.“Not to mention—they some hungry ass bitches.”

“Not to mention—they some hungry ass bitches.”

Check out the teaser below.

The hour-long episode introducing the queens who will feature in this All Stars season is set to air tonight in the US (around 2am Irish time).

The episode is set to re-introduce Drag Race fans to some of the queens with ‘Where are they now?’ interviews.



The rumour mill has been churning away since August with which queens are thought to be appearing in this season.

**Spoiler Alert**

Without further ado, here are the queens that Redditers and RuPaul fans are betting on to compete in All Stars 3 on the basis that some of them were spotted filming in August.

  1. Morgan McMichaels (Season 2)
  2. Ben Delacreme (Season 6)
  3. Shangela (Season 2-3)
  4. Darienne Lake (Season 6)
  5. Ben Delacreme (Season 6)
  6. Milk (Season 6)
  7. Trixie Mattel (Season 7)
  8. Kennedy Davenport (Season 7)
  9. Thorgy Thor (Season 8)
  10. Chi Chi Devayne (Season 8)
  11. Aja (Season 9)


Who We Want

With the announcement mere hours away and since we’re all big fans of the show we asked around in GCN Towers which drag queen they’d like to see return to RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. Here’s what they said:

Stefano: Emmm, definitely not Shangela! I like Jiggly, but it would have to be Adore Delano. Technically she wasn’t on All Stars since she left the show before, so I’d love to see her come back! I also want to see Kim Chi!

Catherine: For me Latrice Royale because she came from the very, very beginning of drag, and she had a hard life and she’s an originator who hasn’t lost any of her humility along the way!

Lisa: Kim Chi! She’s so amazing at makeup and she’s a really nice contestant. Also I liked that she was sort of dorky and couldn’t really walk the runway very well, so I think that’s why I’d like her to go into All Stars.

Personally, I’m a really big Trixie Mattel fan!

She’s so funny, her makeup and overall style are on point and she’s a really smart business-woman doing important business woman things with her hilarious YouTube series turned TV show Unnhhh, an album and her own comedy tour, I think she could snatch the All Stars 3 crown!

Who do you want to see in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3?

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