Role Call!

November 2015

This issue's feature focuses on the role of USI and the students of Ireland behind that were integral to achieving marriage equality. We talk to USI President at the time, Laura Harmon and Annie Holly, USI's Vice-President for Equality and Citizenship,  about how students changed the face of Irish politics.

Plus we talk to some upcoming Irish queer vloggers about what's driving the phenomenon of success for LGBT YouTubers like Hannah Hart and Tyler Oakley; The centre of a new documentary, rugby player Pearse Egan explains the difficulties he faced in the past, and how joining a gay rugby team helped him move on; xYg's founder Rachel Moore talks about her ambitions for the service; Conor Horgan, director of documentary The Queen of Ireland, and Panti Bliss talk about Pantigate and how it has changed their lives.

All this and more inside this month's GCN!

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