Marriage Legislation Delayed Further Due To Supreme Court Appeals


Despite appeals being rejected  by both The High Court and Court of Appeal, The Supreme Court has received two applications seeking to review the result of the marriage referendum.



The introduction of same-sex marriages may be delayed even further due to more appeals arguing to overturn the Yes result of May’s marriage referendum.

As many arguments were already rejected by the High Court and Court of Appeal, it is likely that the Supreme Court will deal with the appeals without a hearing. Regardless, it could delay marriages by up to a month says Sunday Times legal correspondent, Mark Tighe.

“The Supreme Court is entitled, under it’s rules, to deal with this completely without a hearing, and deal with it in writing,” he said. “In reality that is likely to happen, because the Court of Appeal found that there was no grounds to appeal the High Court decision to overturn the referendum.”

He cited the grounds for the appeals, which included a “subliminal message” in an An Post stamp and the claim that public money had funded Yes campaigns. Both had no evidence to back the claim, and they were thrown out.

“This could be dealt with in about four weeks if the Supreme Court act promptly,” he said.

“At most, this could delay the Government’s intentions [to implement marriage equality legislation] by about a month. So instead of September weddings, we’ll have October weddings – or, you know, later in the year.”



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