Miss Vanjie Steals The Show At Bianca Del Rio's Film Premiere

The first evictee from this year's 'Drag Race' but already an all star, Miss Vanjie took over at the premiere of 'Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate'.

Miss Vanjie dressed in pink covered in dolls

What ‘Drag Race’ fan will ever forget the now iconic exit of Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, aka Miss Vanjie, aka Queen of Memes, sashaying backwards down that catwalk, repeating her name like a broken record played from under a mound of gravel? The audience at the premiere of Bianca Del Rio’s new film certainly won’t!

Premiering her new movie at Drag Con, Bianca was joined by All Star winner, sorry, robbed All Star winner, Shangela, and Miss Kasha Davis who hadn’t yet found time for her cocktail, at the live Q & A portion. Never one to miss an opportunity to throw shade,, Bianca was serving her best Vanjie impression when an immediately recognisable growl echoed around the theatre. “I heard my name!”

Emerging into the spotlight, grabbing a microphone on the way, Miss Vanjie catwalked up and down that panel. “I heard my name three times, Hocus Pocus, bitch I’m here.” Taking in her fellow queens, she continued, “Miss Vanjie, Miss Vanjie, Miss Vanjie… tag-teaming with Miss Shangie! Get these cookies, baby.”

Once on stage, she had no intention of going, especially with the audience and the Bianca, eating. Her. Up. Kasha Davis, recognising the possibility of a drag icon in the making, asked her if she’d like to appear in the next ‘Hurricane Bianca’ film, if there was one. “Bitch, I’ll make sure I’m available,” Vanjie jumped back, “Bitch, I’m the first one out, I’ll take any fucking thing!”

Now that the latest season of ‘Drag Race’ is down to its last since queens, isn’t that usually the time when the eliminated girls come back to compete for one last shot at the crown? Maybe Miss Vanjie’s still in with a shot.

Is it cruel to say we hope she gets eliminated again just to see what she comes out with this time?

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