More LGBT+ people in Ireland share their self isolation stories

Members of the queer community talk about the different ways they are getting through lockdown as positively as possible.

LGBT Ireland self isolation

To help feel connected during these challenging times, GCN asked the LGBT+ community in Ireland to share their stories and experiences with self isolation and let us know how they’re getting through the lockdown.

Here are some of the wonderful LGBT+ folk in Ireland who took part in our StayAtHomo campaign – if you would like to tell your story or experience in self isolation and be featured, get in touch at [email protected].


A woman wearing a cap with lots of tattoos sits on a couch

“Quarantine has just been a time to pause and reset. Keeping myself occupied with a few personal projects… which include photographing Victoria Secret and Veda from a distance (we’re all lucky to be neighbours!) – Anziety is next!!

“This lockdown has been challenging and we’re having to adapt and change a lot of how we do things… but I believe we’ll come out the other side of this stronger than ever.”


“We’ll all help each other to get through this.”


A bearded man stands on the street with headphones and a mic

“Listening to podcasts is a great way to feel connected if you’re feeling lonely or isolated. Hearing other people’s voices can be very soothing at any time but especially now. I always have one on when I’m tidying up or doing the dishes.

“Some friends and I started an Irish podcast network called The Warren, so there’s six lovely shows to keep you company at!”


“I’m making sure every day to make one video chat to at least one friend, which always makes me feel better.”


A dark haired woman takes an overhead selfie alongside her jigsaw

“I ordered this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for my wife’s birthday a few weeks ago and it’s been our COVID-19 saviour. I highly recommend ordering one online to anyone battling anxiety right now, it switches your brain into a system that provides a mediative-like quality. I’m going to eventually mount and frame it so we will always be reminded of this paradigm shift we’re living through.

“The image in this jigsaw is special to us as my wife and I are theatre-makers. Life is even more precarious at the moment for artists as there’s been a serious lack of support during the crisis for freelancers and independents. In saying that, I’ve been reflecting a lot about how theatre is as old as democracy, and like democracy, we will survive.”


“I do see a great spirit, both in the queer community at outside of it.”


A topless longhaired young man takes a selfie with a painting his creating lying on the floor behind him

“Artist here – in lieu of access to (or being able to afford) a studio, I’ve stockpiled materials and set up my own art studio in my kitchen.

“In the long-standing tradition of art students, I’m better at cooking with paints and conté than with food. Productivity isn’t required right now, but staying sane is, and this is how I do so.”


“We must keep in mind this is a short term sacrifice for our long term collective benefit”


A smiling man in a t-shirt takes a selfie with a bulldog in a garden

“I work for myself on a contract basis so I’m used to periods where I’m at home and some years I work more than others. For some people being at home all the time is a first and some are understandably struggling. I’m using this time to hit the ‘rest button’.

“In January I decided I wanted to be really healthy so I decided to do the ‘OneYearNoBeer’ challenge. I’m now running five miles every other day and working out three times a week. I cook, I bake, I take my dog, Freddie, for long walks. My productivity is high. My anxiety is low. When this passes I want to come out of it being the best version of myself I can be.”


“We know so, so much, I think, that you can’t stay home and look after yourself if you haven’t got a home to stay in. And that is the truth for so many people.”


A man with grey stubble and slicked back hair takes a selfie

“I’ve been a #StayAtHomo for seven weeks now. I’ve gone through cooking new weird and wonderful dishes, started writing again, washed the windows and countless other boring things. I’m lucky enough to still be working but I am trying to make sure that while being a great distraction, that it’s not taking over my life.

“I don’t need to be a master chef, linguist or published writer, and it’s okay to do nothing sometimes, but it’s important to protect our downtime and mental health. The great thing is that my group of friends who are constantly putting off meeting up are now meeting more regularly virtually, though I’d rather do it in person.”


“The introvert in me has actually found the time quite reparative but the extrovert in me has struggled a little bit.”


A man with bleached hair wears a face mask

“If you can, get a mask from We Make Good here. Proudly made in Ireland by The Textile Studio – a charity that provides jobs and training to refugee women. You can get one for yourself and buy one for people in Direct Provision who really need our support.”


“Everyone has come through in a huge way.”

If you are a member of the LGBT+ community in Ireland or abroad and would like to share your experiences in self isolation as part of our StayAtHomo campaign, get in touch at [email protected].

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