Irish queer musician Owen Rua chats about his music and muses

A look at his music, personal influences, and great LGBTQ+ icons, oh my!

black and white photo of musician Owen Rua

Musician Owen Rua is making waves with his sound in the Irish music scene. Rua recently released debut singles ‘Do You Ever Think of Me?’ and ‘Don’t Rely On Anybody but Yourself’ which have received a great reaction so far.

His latest single ‘Take Me As I am’ was released on Friday, December 18 to further fanfare.

This pop sensation sat down with GCN to talk about his music, his muses, and more.

If you could describe your sound in one sentence, what would it be?

I’d probably describe my sound as moody edgy pop!

What’s the message of your latest tracks?

The message of ‘Do You Ever Think of Me?’ is to feel the pain of a breakup, that you can get through it and find happiness again. When I wrote the gloomy, kinda angry lyrics I wanted to combine in with an upbeat melody encouraging people to get up and dance through the rain.

Who or what is doing it for you right now in the world of music?

Right now I’m loving Kim Petras, I’m borderline obsessed with her music. It’s so feel good but also has a very mood pop vibe which is totally up my ally.

I’m also really into Troye Sivan. His new EP is great and I love the way his new music mixes dance with stripped back, minimalistic elements. It’s got great dynamics to it.

Billie Eilish is also killing it. Such a sweet, soft voice, it melts my heart every time I hear her sing.

Who is the greatest personal influence in your life and why?

My mom would be my greatest personal influence. She is a very strong and kind person. I’m very close to her and she’s always supported me in my music career, my sexuality and in general. I couldn’t ask for a better mother.

Who is the greatest musical influence on you, and why?

I’m a huge fan of Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand and Sam Smith. It’s really difficult to pick one artist but I think these three have had the greatest influence on me and how I approach music and singing.

Who is your LGBTQ+ icon?

Kim Petras, Barbra Streisand and of course Cher! I love divas cause I’m a bit dramatic myself sometimes haha

If you could have any six musicians over for a jamming session, who would they be?

Stevie Wonder would be amazing. I imagine he’d be fantastic to jam with as he’s great at improvising and doesn’t sing something the same way twice.

Whitney Houston if she was alive. Just any excuse to hear her voice in real life would be incredible!

Kim Petras as she seems to have such a fun, upbeat energy to her. I love her vibe and personality too.

JP Cooper because I’ve been a fan of him for years and I’d love to sing with him. His voice is so soulful.

I think Beyoncé is insane. She’s one of the best live performers of our generation in my opinion.

Lastly, Nicki Minaj because we need a rapper at the jam and I love listening to her when I’m with my friends, pretending we can rap… haha

What’s the best piece of life advice you ever received?

That you shouldn’t let criticism stop you from doing what you want to do. Sounds cliche but just being your authentic self is the best way to be. It’s not selfish to love yourself and that ‘thoughts transcend matter’ so think positively and believe that you are cape able of anything you put your mind to do!

If the world were ending tomorrow, what would you do today?

If the world was ending tomorrow I would definitely have a big house party with all of my friends and family, take out a guitar and play some songs with some drinks, good food and probably have some good sex too, why not!

Listen to Owen Rua on Spotify and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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