N.I. Local Candidate Wants To 'Recriminalise Homosexuality'


An independent local council candidate in Northern Ireland said that she would like to “recriminalise homosexuality” if she was given the chance.


Susan Anne White, an evangelical Christian, is standing as an independent candidate in the Omagh district in Northern Ireland. At a Q and A session alongside other candidates on Monday night, she voiced her strong opposition to gay rights.

At the event, she said that gay people “are not born that way, they are out to recruit,” adding “We are in danger. One demand after another.”

White, from Trillick Co. Tyrone claimed that the “gay agenda” is destroying marriage. She said, “One of their goals is destruction of marriage.

“Marriage is now meaningless. This is the goal of this movement. This is a dangerous movement. Not the new civil rights.”

Following her comments, the Q & A session quickly turned into a fiery debate about homosexuality. The candidate also voiced her opinion on gay men being allowed to donate blood. She said whoever campaigns for “gay blood be first to roll up their sleeve.”

One audience member immediately responded, “I will be first in line,” with Chris Smyth of the Ulster Unionist Party adding, “you can’t catch homosexuality. I’ll be third in line.”

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