Celebrate Pride with queer comedian Meg Stalter's 5 funniest moments

Watch the iconic "Hi, Gay" videos, plus other hilarious sketches from queer comedian Meg Stalter.

Queer comedian Meg Stalter.
Image: Instagram: @megsstalter

Hi, Gay! Hold on to your butter, because queer comedian Meg Stalter has a new video for Pride 2022. You’re probably familiar with the Hacks actress for parodying corporate behavior during Pride month in the now-famous “Hi, Gay” video, but Stalter also records a hilarious podcast, and her TikTok page will keep you laughing for hours.

Here are our top picks for Stalter’s 5 funniest TikToks:

  1. “Hi, Gay” – parts 1 and 2, plus “Hi Bi”

There’s a reason Stalter’s “Hi, Gay” video brought her to viral fame –  she perfectly captures the commercial pandering that companies begin as soon as June starts. Between its attempts to sound inclusive and Stalter’s purposeful awkward use of gay slang, The Butter Shop feels like every business on your timeline.


Corporations this month #pride

♬ original sound – Megan Stalter

Best line: All of them.

This year’s Pride promo for The Butter Shop is also fantastic, with candles making a reappearance and the same stilted reading of a corporate script and hilariously cringe-worthy moments that drew fans to last year’s video. Especially with the current prominence of ‘that’s why this Pride I’m partnering with…’ jokes on queer Twitter, the comedian kills it once again.


♬ –

Best line: Again, there’s no choosing.

Less known but no less funny than the “Hi Gay” videos is September’s “Hi Bi” video celebrating Bisexual Awareness Day. The spooky-themed video features Stalter as McDonalds’ imitation of Elvira, advertising that while the fast-food chain isn’t actually having a sale, “You’re bi, and we’re aware, biyotch!”


Hi Bi

♬ original sound – Megan Stalter

Best Line: “Can’t choose between a Big Mac and Fries? Well, you can have both today, queer!”

2. Happy 5th of July

Stalter’s parodies continue with her imitation of an obnoxious American celebrating independence day – a day late thanks to stupidity-fueled mishaps on the holiday proper. Regardless of nationality, you’ve seen this trope, and Stalter does it perfectly, complete with red, white and blue clothes and makeup and pouring ketchup straight in her mouth.


♬ –

Best line: “Dianne got her ass blown up by a firework and TJ fell off a Ski-Doo, we still haven’t found him.”

3. The girlfriend you take on vacation after only dating 12 days

One of the characters Stalter does best is the Crazy, Cringe-worthy Girl. This video features this role with Stalter at her finest. Lounging in a hotel robe, the queer comedian switches between affection and aggravation fast enough to make your head spin, continuously brings her food into the conversation and occasionally sings (another of Stalter’s hallmarks).


The girlfriend you take on vacation after only dating for 12 days

♬ original sound – Megan Stalter

Best line: “Do you think Willy Wonka’s biphobic?”

4. The Devil’s Holiday

We’ve all seen shaky, car-filmed reaction TikToks recounting some funny story or horror of someone’s day. Stalter takes this trend and runs with it, embodying a woman deeply disturbed after a trip to Starbucks where employees celebrated Halloween, aka “Satan’s Parade.” She captures the essence of these videos so well that scrolling through your For You page, you’d think you stumbled onto Conservative-Mom-Tok if it wasn’t so ridiculously funny.



♬ original sound – Megan Stalter

Best line: “A cat didn’t die for your sins, Jesus did.”

5. Big Bitch Realty

Salter stars as an unhinged real estate agent who tells it like it is – maybe to excess. She shows houses people don’t want, yells at her clients, and reaches into the backs of toilets, as well as blessing us with her singing once again.


Best line: “That one’s haunted, that one’s haunted, that one’s not haunted but someone died on the lawn.”

Can’t get enough? Check out more on Stalter’s TikTok or Twitter, watch her in Hacks on HBOMax, and listen to her podcast. Also, check out other LGBTQ+ podcasts we recommend, and read more about upcoming queer comedy.

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