RuPaul’s Drag Race S10: Everything You Need To Know About The Rumoured Queens

The new cast of Drag Race S10 has leaked online and we have everything you need to know about the rumoured new, sickening queens.

RuPaul looking shocked during an episode of Drag Race

March is going to be a great month for all us Drag Race-loving squirrel friends.

As we are approaching the last few weeks of All Stars 3, with the season finale set to be on March 15, the teaser trailer for the much-anticipated Season 10 was dropped last week.

The brand new season will premiere on March 22, just a week after All Stars 3 will be over.

Only a couple of days ago it was announced that the queens from Season 10 will officially be ruvealed on tonight’s episode of All Stars 3.

But, just like it happened with AS3, the new queens leaked on Reddit long before even the teaser trailer was released, so we did a bit of digging and compiled a full list with everything you need to know about the rumoured new, sickening queens.



Sharon Needles’ drag daughter and social media phenomenon, particularly on Instagram, Aquaria is known for her creative looks, her talent in makeup and high energy performances.

At only 21, she is the youngest queen this season, though far from being inexperienced, as she’s been performing in clubs in NYC since 2014.

She’s also already a fan favourite,  having been mentioned on fans’ wishlists to be on Drag Race since season 7.



Dance instructor and Phi Phi O’Hara’s drag mother, Asia is an experienced pageant queen with many wins under her belt, including several national titles like Miss Gay America, Miss All American Goddess and Miss Gay USofA.

She’s also a professional seamstress and owns her own costume design company, making outfits for ice skaters, dance teams and other drag queens as well.



Known for her beauty and passion for musical theatre, Blair St. Clair speciality is performing numbers from musicals, as well as being a talented singer.

Blair has worked with community theatres in Indianapolis since the beginning of her career, trying to bring the drag world to the theatre scene.

At only 21, she won Miss Gay Indiana 2016 and used her platform to promote body positivity, working with the National Eating Disorder Association.



Dusty is known for her punk-inspired aesthetic and her unique performances.

She was a finalist on the annual drag competition ‘So You Think You Can Drag’ along with Alexis Michelle and has been the host of Bob’s show ‘Look Queen’, proving she can work both a lipsync number and the mic.



Self-described ‘small town girl with big dreams’, Kalorie (what a great name!) won the title of Miss Duke City in 2016 and is the first queen on Drag Race from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Kalorie is a curvy girl who’s not afraid to be sexy, dance, jump into splits and do plenty of ass shaking in her performances.

When she is out of drag she works as a hairstylist.



Kameron describes herself as ‘Bodybuilder and a Barbie doll all in one’ as she loves both makeup and push-ups equally.

She’s known for her beauty both in and out of drag – I mean, gorgeous right?- , her out-of-the-box creature looks and fantasy makeup, her outfit reveals and her great dance numbers.

She also does charity and voluntary work in the Nashville LGBT youth centre.



Mayhem has been regularly mentioned in fans’ wishlists for every Drag Race season since S4.

She is one of the major names in LA and West Hollywood drag and started her career with her sisters Raven and Morgan McMichaels.

She serves the attention to detail you’d expect from a seasoned LA queen, plus sharp lipsync abilities, a biting wit, hosting experience and some singing on the side.



The Jewish princess of Harlem, as she calls herself, is a comedy queen who can work the crowd with hilarious jokes, dance and do splits all in one performance.

Miz is famous for her outstanding makeup, hairstyling skills and for making her own gorgeous outfits. She has also done hair for other NYC performers.

Miz takes after her drag mother, Bob The Drag Queen, for both comic abilities and political awareness, which she often brings to the stage.



Born and raised in Brooklyn, Monét is a professionally trained opera singer who decided to pursue a career in drag rather than music, becoming one of the most notable names in NYC gay scene.

Monét is famous for her unique lipsync performing style which mixes comedy, expressive body language and tongue-in-cheek spoken word.

Her best friend Bob The Drag Queen refers to her as her “friendlier twin”.

Monét X Change, one of the rumoured contestants of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10.



Former Miss Gay Kansas City and devoted Christian, Monique is an energetic performer who can twirl and kick while performing on stage.

Out of drag she is a motivational speaker and dreams of one day becoming “the gay Oprah”.

She also makes almost all of her own costumes.



This pussy popping, death dropping Chicago queen – Vixen has been a rapper for over 8 years and has recorded a verse for “Cocky” by Shea Couleé, who described her as “a savage drag queen”.

Her ballroom origins show during her iconic high energy performances.

She’s also quite crafty and is known for making outfits out of unusual materials, as well as for her explosive personality.



Winner of Miss Polk Gay Pride Newcomer and Miss Southern Nights Newcomer, Vanessa is a pageant queen from Tampa, Florida.

She maintains a very close connection with her gay family, which includes her drag mother, Drag Race S3 second runner-up, Alexis Mateo.

Vanessa is a trained dancer and is known for her dance numbers and her exceptional makeup skills.

Out of drag she works as a makeup artist.



Born in China, Yuhua is a professional seamstress who makes all of her outfits and regularly designs costumes for other NYC queens (including Monét, Cracker, Dusty, Bob, Peppermint and Alexis).

She also has her own clothing line.

Yuhua is a regular hostess of weddings, birthdays and bachelorette parties and is known for her fun and bubbly personality.


These are all the new queens plus, of course, Eureka who will be returning from S9 after her unfortunate accident.

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Have you picked a favourite already? Let us know in the comments.

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