WATCH: Russian LGBTs Call For Ireland to Vote Yes

russian marriage equality appeal

An LGBT Organisation in Russia called on Irish people to vote in the marriage equality referendum in 2015.


It’s five days until the November 25 deadline to register to vote for the marriage equality referendum next year. So, the Russian LGBT Network is keen to let the young people of Ireland know that they can make this country a better place for their LGBT brethren.

The Russian LGBT Network have today, by video, called on Irish people to rally for civil marriage equality and register to vote. They said, “In many countries Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans people do not have this opportunity but you have and its very important that you use it – register to vote”.

Michael Barron, founding director of BeLonG To, today said:

“Over the past number of years BeLonG To has developed close ties of solidarity with the Russian LGBT Network – working together on international policy, visiting each other and sharing learning. In Russia due to ‘anti-propaganda laws’ the basic freedoms of the LGBT community are being eroded. LGBT young people in particular are isolated, targeted increasingly at real physical risk.”

The Russian LGBT Network feel that with changes made elsewhere, it is more possible for those changes to be made in their own country; that it will show a support for LGBT in society.

Barron continued,

“Having the opportunity to vote for civil marriage equality is beyond the realms of possibility in Russia. This is why I believe this appeal is so important. In Ireland we have an enormous opportunity to use our democratic right to enshrine protections and rights for the LGBT community in our constitution. The LGBT community and our allies in Russia and elsewhere who experience daily oppression are watching. Securing civil marriage equality in Ireland would resonant beyond these borders and would provide hope and energy to others.”

They leave us with one sobering message:

“In many countries LGBT people do not have this opportunity but you have and it’s very important that you use it – register to vote” – Russian LGBT Network

With just five days left to register to vote go now to find more information on the Yes Equality website.

Watch below:

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