Same-Sex Couples Shouldn't Be Allowed To Raise Children, Says Danny Healy-Rae

A sad child in black and white because Danny healy-rae doesn't think same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children

Conservative TD Danny Healy-Rae doesn’t think same-sex couples should be allowed to raise children


Kerry TD Danny Healy-Rae has said that he voted no in the Marriage Equality Referendum last year because he doesn’t believe same-sex couples should be allowed to raise children.

Claiming that same-sex couples raising a child is “not natural” Healy-Rae indicated that same-sex couples could not provide a “natural balance”.

The Kerry man thinks that it’s wrong that a baby wouldn’t have a choice about being raised by a same-sex couple.

“I don’t believe the natural balance is right to have two men or two women caring for a baby. It’s a more natural balance to have a man and a woman,” he said.


Not Anti-Gay

“I’m not anti-gay. What these people do is their business and I’m fine with that,” Healy-Rae said.

“If they want to have that type of relationship, again, I’ll say: that’s their business.”

“They do what they want to do and I wish them well with that. And let them have the friends that they have. But what I thought was wrong with that was the little baby had no choice.”


Climate Change

Healy-Rae made headlines earlier this year for denying climate change, insisting that the weather was God’s remit.

“The idea that man is responsible or in charge of the weather – that’s nonsense,” the TD said.

Healy-Rae has referenced Noah’s Ark as proof that climate change does not exist.

“I’m basing my views on facts. The facts are there and history proves it. We had the Ice Age. We had Noah’s Ark. We had all those stories. We’ve proof of the Famine in 1740, which was caused by two years of incessant rain,” said Healy-Rae.

“The first thing I have to say to you, I never read all the Bible. But I found the Bible to be correct in man instances,” he said.


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