7 Questions With Drag Queen & Upcoming Mother DJ Jodie Harsh

We caught up with drag queen DJ Jodie Harsh ahead of her Mother set this weekend

Jodie Harsh in red, yellow and green light, with the word Mother presents above her

Drag superstar, DJ and music producer Jodie Harsh is coming to Mother this Saturday, November 5, hot off the heels of DJing at Madonna’s house party!

The Mother Facebook event gives a little more info about the UK icon:

London icon & Room Service founder Jodie Harsh joins the Mother DJs on the decks Saturday November 4th down in the club.

Having played Glastonbury, the Brits, MTV EMAs, clubs all over the world and even the launch of a Madonna album, Jodie knows how to bring the party. Join her on the dance floor for her debut DJ Set at Mother.

We decided to ask the multi-talented queen a few questions before she DJs in Mother…


What’s the weirdest question you’ve been asked for your #Dragqueenproblems YouTube series?

I get a lot of questions about travel and avoiding unwanted attention. That’s the thing with doing drag – half of it is wanting to attract stares and attention and the other half is making sure people don’t touch your hair.

I love doing that series! It’s so silly and fun, dishing out a little bit of real advice and generally posing as an authority figure in the entire world of drag. I have about six coffees then we hit record.


Who’s your favourite musical artist of all time and why?

I better say Madonna. No one has a repertoire that can match her. I DJ’d her house party literally last night. I’ve played for her a bunch of times.


What’s your favourite song to lip-sync to?

Any instrumental really. I don’t lip sync. Not my story, really…

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What’s your favourite track to play when you’re DJing?

I love Roisin Murphy and have this sick remix of Moloko’s Sing It Back mixed with some of the elements of I Feel Love by Donna Summer which is a real smash. I think I play that in every set.


Talk us through your creative process for writing songs and producing music.

Coffee, fun collaborators, a full day of studio time, pen and paper, voice notes on the iPhone. Loads of changes – and I try to do two days on one song because I always want to change loads of it the second day


Aside from Mother (obviously), what’s your favourite thing about Dublin?

My Grandmother was Irish (but I think everyone has an Irish grandmother!) so I’ve always felt a strong affiliation with it. I love the party vibes.


If you were to play a guilty pleasure track at Mother, what would it be and why?

Hmmm…. I don’t know if any music is really guilty… Actually, I’m OBSESSED with RuPaul’s song Category Is… from her last album. It’s so cunty. I’m gonna play that at Mother!


Jodie Harsh will be DJing at Mother this Saturday, November 4. Entry €10 on the door or find out more about getting on the cheaplist here. Booking requests for Jodie Harsh can be managed here.

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