9 awesome couples costumes for this Halloween

As Halloween rapidly approaches, it can be tough to commit to that one perfect costume for the big day... but when you're coordinating couples' costumes, well, that's a perfect nightmare.

Couples' costumes ideas split screen: Piper and Alex on far left,Haru and Legoshi on left, Ruby and Sapphire on right, Luca and Alberto on far right

Double double, toil and trouble; one costume’s tough but try dressing a couple!

Couples’ Halloween costumes. What to do, where to start, who to be… these are the questions that keep us up at night as we creep into spooky season.

Some couples are just meant to be and live rent-free in our minds at all times: cheese and wine; RuPaul and Michelle Visage; Lil Nas X and the devil.

But for those hardcore Halloween-loving couples who are out there searching for some extra creative ideas, look no further! We’ve put together a guide of nine fantastic and unique sets of costumes for dynamic duos… plus one special bonus at the very end.

1. She-Ra and Catra, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Couples' costumes ideas: Catra and She-Ra

What a pair to kick off our list! This coupling gave us animation nerds all the feels throughout the show and then again with that epic finale. If I could dress up as Catra every day, I would.

2. Luca and Alberto, Luca

Couples' costumes ideas: Luca and Alberto

Sure, the masks are a little startling, but it’s the perfect time of year for it! And you gotta hand it to them… this is a pretty effective recreation of the sea monster duo.

Note: a swimming pool is mega-useful for this costume, but not mandatory.

3. Ruby and Sapphire, Steven Universe

Couples' costumes ideas: Ruby and Sapphire

These literal gems are absolute couple goals and their coupling is the perfect metaphor for a healthy relationship. If you haven’t witnessed their love firsthand, get thee to Netflix and commence watching Steven Universe immediately.

4. Harley Quinn and Joker

Two men dressed up in Harley and Joker Halloween costumes

Name a more iconic duo than Harley Quinn and the Joker. Go on, try!

Okay, so both of these have been done to death but we can’t help but love how cute they look together… despite the fact that they are sociopaths.

And speaking of one of the hottest villains…

5. Riddler and Joker

Ridler and Joker

This costume set doesn’t require a lot of effort… or clothes. This one’s all about the paint job.

You can also opt for a more clothed version if you prefer – it is autumn, after all! We won’t judge.

6. Legoshi and Haru, Beastars

Couples' costumes ideas: Haru and Legoshi

Geared specifically towards the anime fans among us, this pair are a fantastic option for anyone in search of adorable couples’ costumes. They’re cute and sweet and they wear human clothes… it couldn’t be easier! A wolf tail, a pair of bunny ears, some makeup and hey presto! You’ve got yourself some star-crossed lovers.

7. Piper and Alex, Orange is the New Black

Couples' costumes ideas: Piper and Alex

Is this reference dated? A little. Do we care? Absolutely not!

Not only is this costume easy and effective, but Piper and Alex also had some real chemistry. If we powered the world on the electricity between them, maybe the planet wouldn’t be in such a state.

All you need to become the jailbird lovebirds is plain clothing (beige or orange will do) over a grey long-sleeve shirt and an expression that says you’ve been hardened by the system.

8. David Bowie and Prince

Anyone else still in mourning? What way to better honour the musical icons than by stealing their lewks?

All you need is a couple of wigs and you and your partner will channel the two rock legends.

9. Brittany and Santana, Glee

Couples' costumes ideas: Brittany and Santana

There are diehard Glee fans out there who will never let go of Brittana, and why should they? They make the gays happy and they’re incredibly easy to immortalise in a couple’s Halloween costume.

Two cheerleading outfits, some ponytails and Brittana will walk amongst us again.

And our bonus…

10. Squid Game, anyone?

Couples' costumes ideas: Squid Game characters

For the thrupples and polyamorous queers among us, why not coordinate with this three-way costume in honour of the popular Netflix series? Now you just have to decide who’s the circle, the triangle and the square among you.


And that concludes our couples’ costumes guide for Halloween 2021. Let us know who you’ll be dressing up as this year and stay spooky everybody!

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