Broden Giambrone Steps Down As Chief Executive Of TENI

President Higgins and Broden Giambrone the outgoing Chief Executive of TENI

For six years Broden Giambrone has led TENI, turning it from a volunteer run group into a highly efficient organisation


Broden Giambrone, the Chief Executive of TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland), will officially step down from his role in the organisation created to be a support for trans people in Ireland.

Giambrone began working as TENI’s CEO in 2011 and was instrumental in transforming the network into an organisation that trans organisations across Europe aspire to emulate.

Declared a “visionary leader” and “pivotal” in the development of TENI, Giambrone will be finishing his tenure as TENI’s CEO on April 26 2017.



TENI’s Chairperson, Sara R Phillips, has released a statement on Giambrone’s departure, both expressing sadness at his leaving and wishing him well in his new role:


It is with great sadness that I must inform you that our Chief Executive Broden Giambrone is leaving TENI. Broden will officially say goodbye on the 26th of April 2017 to take up a new role. Broden came to Ireland and TENI as a young 28-year-old activist and in his time here, has developed into a distinguished, professional, and visionary leader. During his 6 years with us, Broden has been pivotal in our development, growing TENI from being volunteer lead to a highly professional, structured, and efficient organisation, looked up to by many other trans organisations throughout Europe as the benchmark.

In his role as CEO, he led the movement for gender recognition and co-ordinated our community, our allies, and politicians across the political divide, in an incredible push to securing world leading legislation based on self-determination. In doing so, he created a sense of ownership in others, empowering them to volunteer, lobby and generally be more involved in their community. His introduction of the “Positive Visibility” campaign gave our community the belief that our voices would be heard, respected and acted upon. The STAD campaign highlighted the need for hate crime legislation and a better understanding of the issues the trans community has to endure day by day.

Broden was honoured last summer by being announced as the first trans Grand Marshall of Limerick Pride, and in 2015 he received the Trinity Praeses Elit award, from the Trinity Law Society.

I speak of sadness, as we lose one our greatest assets; a leader to our community and most of all our friend. Broden is moving on to further his career and to a role, I believe, he fully deserves. I am personally delighted for this great opportunity for him.

On behalf of TENI, on behalf of our extended community, I would like to express our thanks. We thank him for his vision, his dedication and commitment and most of all for his leadership. Broden will continue to be a huge part of the TENI family no matter where his career takes him. We send him our best wishes as he takes up his new position where he will be, without doubt, as successful as he has been with TENI.


Whatever is in store for Broden Giambrone when he moves on from his current role, we would like to congratulate him on his successful leadership of TENI over the last six years and wish him every success in the future.


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