Catch 'Mean Girls' On The Big Screen In The Sugar Club

Mean Screen are bringing cult classic 'Mean Girls' to the big screen next week and we think that's so fetch!

Mean Girls star LiLo and her costars walking down a high school corridor in short skirts

It’s time to brush up on your US high school slang because LiLo et al. are returning to the big screen next week when Mean Girls is on in The Sugar Club.

Mean Screen are bringing the cult classic back into your life next Tuesday, August 22 in the Dublin city centre venue, so make sure you don’t miss this viewing spectacle or we may or may not diss you in our burn book, ‘kay?

But I have Mean Girls on DVD, you say, why should I go see it in The Sugar Club?

Mean Screen promises that it’s going to be something of an extravaganza:

“Mean Screen invites you to wear pink and embrace your inner Mean Girl,” the organisers said, “on August 22nd as ‘Mean Girls’ returns to the Sugar Club.”

“This event is going to be so fetch. We’re going to have an awesome time, with our awesome friends, drinking awesome shooters.

“You can sip Glen Coco’s and eat popcorn which has less than 30% calories from fat.

“You can bring your cousins and your first cousins and your sec…that’s not right is it?

“We can have craic, have craic talking about craic, say craic again.”

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“You can assign yourself a table – we’ll have a table for Hot Asians, JV Jocks, Varsity Jocks, Active Band Geeks, Girls Who Eat Their Feelings, Girls Who Don’t Eat At All, Unfriendly Black Hotties, The Art Freaks, Mathletes, Preps, Burnouts, Desperate Wannabes. Which table will you be at?

“We’ll be running a competition to see who gets to sit at the coveted Plastics table.

“This is gonna be one mean event, relive the most bitching prom in movie history even if you don’t go here. Raise a Glen Coco to the back stabbing and join us in making fetch happen! And if you can’t come out cause you’re sick (cough cough) then “BOO, YOU!”

Tickets for Mean Screen’s showing of Mean Girls are €10 and can be purchased here.

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