Derry Pastor To Protest Foyle Pride

A Baptist pastor in Derry says he will preach that God can cure homosexuality during the Foyle Pride celebrations

Derry pastor mark bradfield who is protesting Foyle Pride smiling in front of the sea

“God has the cure for homosexuality” – Mark Bradfield

Derry pastor Mark Bradfield believes God has the “cure” to homosexuality and plans to preach this message at Foyle Pride.

Bradfield is known for turning up at Pride each year with his megaphone in tow, in attempt to save the so-called sinners from their “physically, mentally and spiritually harmful” lifestyle.

“Any physical relationship outside of a man and a woman married to each other is a sin,” said Bradfield.



“I don’t have the cure for homosexuality, but God has the cure for homosexuality.”

Despite his views that homosexuality is an illness that can be cured, Bradfield doesn’t hate gay people, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

“I love them and I seem to be one of very few who loves them enough to stand up and say ‘the lifestyle you are living is very, very harmful’.

“Whenever 2% of the population accounts for 50% of the HIV and AIDS cases, and whenever there is higher incidences of substance abuse and mental duresss with this lifestyle, there has to be something not right about it.”


Resumed Heterosexuality

According to the pastor, people occasionally approach him celebrating the fact they have “left the [gay] lifestyle” after tiring of it.

“They said they were tired of being passed around from one to the other. They just resumed their heterosexuality,” he claimed.

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Bradfield sees high levels of substance abuse and mental health issues in the LGBT+ community as a reflection on the ‘lifestyle’.


Detrimental Effects

The Chair of Foyle Pride, Eimear Willis, is concerned that Bradfield’s preaching could have harmful effects on many within the LGBT+ community, especially those who are younger or don’t have a strong support network.

“Young people are hearing this day in and out,” Willis said.

“”Maybe if they haven’t got a support network, people who are saying otherwise in their other ear – saying they are loved, maybe they are not comfortable being out, maybe there are family issues and they are not yet there with regards being out – this is going to get into their head.

“I would hope people are strong enough to not take it seriously.”


Foyle Pride will be held on August 26, in Derry, Co. Down, find out more here.      

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