Watch: Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 Releases Line-Up

Usually we wouldn't want summer to end, but the line-up for Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 has us wishing it was September!

The Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 line-up has been officially announced, with over 80 acts taking part in this years festival.

“It’s a complete city take over,” Dublin Fringe Festival organisers Kris Nelson and Ruth McGowan said. “We’re bringing you Fringe experiences in more postcodes than ever, lighting up and animating new sites.”

And here’s an added bonus for all enjoyers of the arts: “Lot’s of it is free!”

“Everyone has a chance to engage, wonder, be challenged and become a messer as Fringe shakes up all our preconceived thoughts and shows you a new way of thinking,” a press release for the festival indicates, “and the craic will be only mighty.”

This September will mark Dublin Fringe Festival’s twenty-third year running, with 81 productions, 460 performances and 49 world premieres!

“Fringe offers something for everyone across theatre, music, opera, dance, arts, comedy, circus, spectacle, live art and a mash up of all or some of the aforementioned”.



While a full list of the line-up can be found on the festival’s website here, here are some of our top picks!

Triple threat stars Lucy McCormack and her Girl Squad in crop tops, daisy dukes and crowns as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2017

First we’ve got Triple Threat from the prodigious Lucy McCormick and her Girl Squad. It’s a “trashstep-dubpunk morality play for the modern world.”

“Now more than ever, connections with international artists and voices become hugely important. Talking of grit? Look no further than Lucy McCormick (London)’s Triple Threat, her megalomaniac one-woman (+ Girl Squad) retelling of the New Testament – where she stars in every ecclesiastic, fantastic role.”

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Next on our top picks is Why Won’t You Have Sex With Me?, a “colourful exploration of sex and disability,” from “wheelchair user, disability activist and journalist Louise Bruton.”

The show highlights the sexual nature of disabled people and questions why able-bodied people presume that disabled people aren’t getting any.

“It will make you laugh, make you cry and maybe you’ll get the ride.”

Returning to Irish audiences will be Lords of Strut who are currently performing as part of thisispopbaby’s RIOT.

A change of pace for these Absolute Legends, the Lords of Strut be putting on a show for kids aged 9-12 that’s going to be interactive.

“In this dance fantasy adventure brothers Sean and Seamus rock out some banging moves, run into trouble, have a few tantrums, cause a teensy bit of mayhem and find out if fame is really what they’re looking for after all.”

Of course, with over eighty productions there will be something for everyone in this year’s festival so to check out all of the incredible shows that are making their way to Dublin and beyond, pick up a copy of the festival programme from participating venues across the city.

Dublin Fringe Festival 2017 runs from September 9-24, with full details including ticket information available on the festival website here

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