'Gay' Asylum Seeker Jailed for Rape of Woman


A 22-year-old who claimed asylum because of homophobic persecution in his native Nigeria was jailed this week for raping a Waterford woman.


Kenneth Udeh, of Coffee House Lane, Waterford, pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Couurt to the rape of the woman in Waterford City on September 14, 2014.

Udeh, who arrived in Ireland in 2009, had applied for, and been refused, asylum twice. He is currently appealing his position to the Refugee Appeals Tribunal, reports the Sunday World.

The first time Udeh applied for asylum he claimed he was a Christian coming from a Muslim country. The second time he claimed he was a homosexual coming from a Muslim country.

The victim, who is in her twenties, met the Udeh outside the smoking area of a pub and began chatting to his group of friends. When she was leaving Udeh offered her a lift home.

The woman told Gardaí that the next thing she remembered was being on the ground with Udeh on top of her with his trousers down. She shouted “stop it” and “get off me” but Udeh raped her.

A local man was leaving work late when he saw Udeh and the woman and heard her shouts. He shouted at them causing Udeh to get up and flee. The man and a taxi driver gave chase but lost Udeh. He was later tracked to a nearby hostel.

During a police interview he initially denied having any contact with the woman, but forensic evidence contradicted his claims.

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