INTERVIEW: DJ Rick Braile Talks Dublin, Gym & Boys

DJ Rick Braile with tattoos on his arm

Ahead of his return to Profile on Saturday, DJ Rick Braile chats to us about visiting Dublin, his musical influences and what kind of man he’s looking for


DJ Rick Braile caught up with us in the middle of a busy day (he was heading to a wedding later that day) for a quick chat before his DJ set in Profile on Paddy’s weekend.

A little shy, the handsome Brazilian DJ looked sharp, dressed in a navy suit.


Hi Rick, welcome back to Ireland!

Thank you.


You were in Dublin in 2014, right? Are you excited to be back?

Yes, yes of course – I’m so excited to be back! I arrived two days ago, it’s always amazing. I love… went here to Dublin, and I have a lot of friends here, and Kevin always supports me a lot here.


What do you do in your down time?

I live in Sao Paulo and I only DJ – it’s a full time job. So I’m always listening to music and searching for new tracks and talking with my other DJ friends.

So my days during the week, I’m always preparing my set for the weekend, so I’m always looking for new things to put in my set.


Music wise, what are your influences, who do you like?

In the gay scene?



I’m very, very influenced by producers from Brazil. Even when I play outside Brazil I try to bring the Brazilian beats to my set. I love Maur Mozart, he’s an amazing producer and Rob Phillips from Brazil and outside Brazil I love Sagi Kariv from Israel and of course GSP, George.

George has been an amazing friend to me and he’s always supported me with everything.

He was living in Brazil and now he lives in Athens. He’s been big influence to me.


You’re doing a tour of Europe after you play Dublin on Saturday right?

Yeah, I’m playing in Paris, Athens, Rome…


Which location from your tour are you most excited for?

Playing Profile on Saturday is the most exciting thing for me because I know the people, I have a lot of friends in Dublin, so Profile will definitely be a lot of fun.

I’m also excited because the first time I came to Europe I only played a set, and this time I’ll be playing as a resident DJ – now I’m the international resident for Profile so I can’t wait for that.


What can people expect from your set on Saturday?

Like I said before, I’ll be bringing Brazilian beats and an energetic set like I always bring. I’m always trying to bring happiness and an upbeat vibe to my set.


What kind of music do you dislike?

I like all types of music because every song every track has an energy.

I don’t know… It’s not that I don’t like, but I’m not a big fan of rock music, or sometimes really Brazilian songs. It’s not my kind of music. But sometimes even then, I do use these tracks in my set so…


And is there an artist that you dislike?

The artist with the big… eh, what’s her name?

At this point Rick looks around the table, trying to search for the artists name, and makes a ‘big booty’ gesture.

She sings Anaconda?

Oh, Nicki Minaj!

Yeah, there you go. I’ve never really played that song. She looks like a Brazilian but I don’t like her.


Speaking of booty, do you workout much?

Yes! In Brazil, I’m always trying to do my best, and sometimes it’s hard because at the weekend I have to go to the airport and take flights, so I can’t eat the food I’m supposed to be eating. But I always try to be good during the week and go to the gym.

I have a gym close to my apartment so that’s handy, but when I travel to Europe, it’s very hard to go to the gym because I’m seeing new places, eating burgers.

So I love the gym, but when I need to be somewhere else I like to not freak out if I miss it.

A tattoo peeks out from under the sleeve of Rick’s crisp white shirt as he reaches for some water and catches my eye.


Cool – you’re into tattoos?

Yes! I love tattoos. My first tattoo, I got it when I was sixteen. My mum has tattoos, my brother has tattoos, my dad has tattoos, so I was influenced by my parents.

I think the last one I got was three years ago, and I’m freaking out because I need to get another one.


Any idea what you want?

I don’t know yet because I need to find something amazing to get done. I haven’t seen anything yet, so that’s why it has been three years since my last one.


And I’m sure all the boys want to know if you’re single for Paddy’s weekend?

Well… I’m looking for an Irish man who likes to travel!


DJ Rick Braile is Profile’s resident international DJ and will play Profile this Saturday 18 March 2017 for their Paddy’s Weekend event ‘PROFILE The HANGOVER‘. 

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