9 killer queer last-minute Halloween costume ideas

Left your costume to the last minute? Fear not, as this list includes some quick and easy ideas that'll still turn heads this Halloweekend.

Last-minute costume ideas are illustrated, left to right is Frank-N-Furter, Sunglasses Ghost, Velma

We have all faced the panic of not having a costume for a Halloween party, and oftentimes, our last-minute concoctions are nothing short of horrifying – but not in the way we hoped. Perhaps this year you vowed that you would be more prepared for the spooky season, but… here you are, reading this article, hoping to find something you can quickly pull out of your closet.

There’s absolutely no shame in going DIY for Halloween! You could even argue that you’re being sustainable by reusing and repurposing the clothes you already own, healing the world one step at a time. In any case, this list will hopefully inspire your last-minute queer costume, fit for any upcoming Halloween event.

Velma Dinkley – Scooby Doo

A person is dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo as a last minute Halloween costume

With the recent announcement surrounding Velma’s sexuality, she has truly solidified herself as an official queer icon. Whether you’re out and proud or you’d like to subtly express your queerness, Velma is the perfect costume that you can create from the items in your wardrobe! Her simple outfit consists of a bright orange turtleneck sweater, a dark red skirt and some thick, black glasses. If you have a bob, or a bob wig, bonus points to you! To perfect the character, utilise one of her iconic phrases, such as “Jinkies!”

Eddie Munson – Stranger Things

A person dressed up as Eddie Munson from Stranger things as one of the last minute Halloween costume ideas we mention in the article

This character quickly became beloved after the newest season of Stranger Things premiered earlier this year. We wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be one of 2022’s most popular costumes, and the best part is that it’s easy to create! For his rockin’ ’80s look, all you’ll need is a denim jacket, some jeans, a Hellfire Club t-shirt (the logo is pretty simple, so anyone, no matter their art skills, can easily copy it with some paint) and a baseball tee. To complete the look tease your hair or buy a cheap, black wig if you’re really committed to the cause.

Elvira – Mistress of the Dark

How could we not include the Halloween Queen in this list? Elvira’s iconic look can easily be completed, provided you own a lot of black in your closet. All you’ll need is a long black dress, preferably with cleavage to spare, and a skilfully styled black wig. The rest is all in the makeup (and the attitude). If you need more inspiration on how to perfect the look, why not watch the movie where she makes her debut?

Frank-N-Furter The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A person wearing a Frank-N-Furter costume from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This costume is a last minute Halloween costume idea.

To continue our last minute Halloween costume list, we bring you Frank-N-Furter, the cross-dressing mad scientist. His unforgettable look can be accomplished with just a few articles of clothing, including a black vest, black underwear and fishnet stockings with a garter belt. Some pearls, long gloves and a face full of glamorous ’80s makeup will bring the whole look together to have people “shiver with anticipation”.


Marceline the Vampire Queen – Adventure Time

A person poses at a wall wearing a Marceline costume from Adventure time as a last minute Halloween costume.

Marceline is a fan favourite and she always has an effortless vibe. No matter which of her memorable looks you decide to recreate, they always feature some high-waisted dark jeans, knee-high boots and a tank top. If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, you can even recreate her deadly axe-bass out of cardboard and paint! You can also have a friend or a significant other accompany your costume by dressing as Princess Bubblegum, the character’s girlfriend. See more iconic couples costumes to try out here!

Damian – Mean Girls

Someone dressed as Damian from Mean Girls as a last minute Halloween costume

Speaking of fan favourites, this iconic character is incredibly simple to dress up as. Find yourself a blue hoodie, pull the hood strings tight and compliment the look with some sunglasses to complete the Damian look! While dressed up, continue to quote his most popular line, “she doesn’t ever go here!” and you will have perfected the last-minute costume.

Wednesday Addams – Addams Family

A Wednesday Addams costume you can try out as a last minute Halloween costume.

This ghoulish girl has been a popular character for decades now, and it’s unlikely she’ll stop being a classic Halloween costume choice. Her iconic dress may have changed colours throughout the years, but her trademark middle-parted braids have stood the test of time. Whether you use a wig or your natural long locks to recreate Wednesday’s notable look, pair the hair with a knee-length black dress and tights and you’ve got your costume!

Megan Brookfield – But I’m a Cheerleader

Megan from But I'm a Cheerleader is a last minute Halloween costume to try this year

If you want pay homage to one of film’s most iconic lesbian characters, Megan Brookfield’s look is easy to recreate. To do this, find a pastel pink shirt and cardigan and pair them with a green plaid skirt. Style your hair in a classic Y2K do, with two pink hair clips on either side to keep your fringe out of the way.

Bedsheet ghost, but make it cool.

Two people sit on a bench with a bedsheet and sunglasses over them, a perfect last minute Halloween costume

If you only have minutes to spare to decide on a costume, just pull out a white bedsheet, throw it over your head and don some sunglasses on top. Cutting eye holes out is optional, but it would probably help you see, if you’re too cool for that sort of thing… This could be the most notorious last-minute Halloween costume, so prepare to be haunted by some other ghostly individuals who also forgot to plan their outfit this year.

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