The G Spot!

October 2015

This issue of GCN celebrates the George's 30th birthday. To celebrate the milestone anniversary we talk to the likes of Veda Queen, Shirley Temple Bar, Panti Bliss and more about their memories, what the future might hold and just why the George is ground zero for Dublin's gay community.

In an in-depth update, Moatez El Feighery, Protection Co-Ordiantor for the MENA region with front line defenders, sheds light on the situation of LGBT rights in the Lebanon and the several changes that are afoot for LGBT rights in the Middle East; We meet with GALAS International Award winner Caleb Orozco, who has dared to legally challenge the government in Belize, a Central American country where homosexual sex remains a crime.

Plus all the best in news, edutainment, gossip, food and much more.

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