You Need To See The Viral "Let's Go, Lesbians!" Meme

Billy Eichner's "Let's go, lesbians!" video has created a great new meme loved by many.

You Need To See The Viral

A clip from a 2013 episode of Billy on the Street has inspired a viral meme. The episode features Billy Eichner running around the streets of Manhattan with five gay women asking people they pass by various questions for the grand prize of one dollar.

Eichner and Chris Evans, the star of the original meme, saw the video and expressed their love of the mashup.

It started early last week when Twitter user Lissy took audio from the Billy on the Street episode and put it with an intense scene from Captain America: Civil War. The result was Captain America running, joined by the other Avengers, with audio of Billy yelling “Let’s go, lesbians!”. The combination was undeniably good.

Eichner saw the video, tagged Evans and shared it on Twitter.

Soon after, Evans replied to the tweet and admitted that he was inspired by the original video.

Even Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies, liked the original tweet.

The clip has since gone viral on Twitter.

Another Twitter user shared her remake of the video. Eichner replied in joking protestation.

Eichner’s replies became flooded with various remakes of the Captain America video. Some fans have continued the Marvel theme while others have opted for Forrest Gump, The Lion King or Jurassic World.

The best thing about the meme is that it’s universal. There’s at least one version for every moment:

Like when you need a little more motivation at the gym

Or for when you and your friends are on your way out for the night

Maybe you’re stuck in an awkward situation you don’t want to be in

Or maybe you’re on your way to go see the new Mama Mia! movie

And there’s even a mini film version of the meme for when the planet needs saving

Eichner has since reported that he’s even being considered for some serious awards because of the viral clip.

He’s even encouraging Cynthia Nixon, who’s running for Governor of New York, to use it in her campaign.

Hopefully, with a little more time, we’ll have even more “Let’s go, lesbian!” videos.

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