'It's full of heart': Noel Sutton on new Irish 'life makeover' show My Yellow Brick Road

Set to make its grand debut on Wednesday, November 15, 'My Yellow Brick Road' will follow four mentors as they help people achieve their life goals.

Noel Sutton and the other mentors of the new RTE show My Yellow Brick Road standing in front of a sparkling red wall.

The heartwarming TV show My Yellow Brick Road will be premiering on RTE 2 this Wednesday, November 13. 

Four friends and an adorable dog will be helping different people overcome various struggles throughout the six episodes. From teasers of the first episode, there will be laughs aplenty but also a lot of heart. 

Each one of the four mentors, or as they like to call themselves “frientors”, brings a unique outlook to help out on this inspiring journey. Ahead of the new show making its debut, one of the show’s hosts Noel Sutton, an artist and campaigner, spoke about the beauty of My Yellow Brick Road and how filming impacted his outlook on life. 

Noel from Yellow Brick Road with his dog, Sid

What can be expected from the show?

We are using our experiences to help people. A lot of the times, that’s all you need is somebody to point out the obvious, to help you, to give you the motivation to take that leap. 

What we want is for people to take away from it is that all you need is just that little bit of encouragement to change one thing in your life. We have met six people and each of them has different stories to tell. It’s very emotional, very heartwarming, but to see the changes that people have made just through little steps is brilliant, it’s so lovely.

As mentors, what kind of experience do you each bring to the show?

Each of us has our own backstories. When I was in school, I hated it. I didn’t conform and that was because there was no word for what I had at the time. I was dyslexic. So I couldn’t read at all. Words just ran around the page. Constantly told as a child that I wouldn’t amount to much. And I remember thinking this isn’t working for me, this particular thing, which was reading, but I knew I wasn’t stupid. I think I spent my whole entire teenage years to prove people wrong. My whole thing was I’ll prove you wrong. I was told I wouldn’t make it as a hairdresser, well I’ll prove you wrong and I did. 

All the others have their own very unique experience of life. And it’s really great cause we are quite diverse as a group.

How did the show come about?

I signed up for this project. I thought it was very special because it was outside of the norm. It’s full of heart and full of warmth. Giving people advice, help people on their journey, and I think that’s what we need a lot more of on television. 

Were there any challenges in creating the show?

You have to be very clear about people’s expectations. What you can do and what you can’t do. I think for each of us, there were challenges for every one of us along the way. I mean one of the episodes that we recorded, we had looked at body image. Then two days later on I had to strip off in front of the camera and bare my all. And it was a leveller for me. This is actually practising what we preach as well. And we’ve got to be comfortable with who we are.

It was something that I had not really plotted for but it was brilliant. It gave me everything I needed to move on with the show and to put my heart and soul into the rest of the recording.

You can catch My Yellow Brick Road on RTE 2 at 9:30 pm on Wednesday and for anyone who missed it, the episode will air again on Friday at 11:50 pm.

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