Robert Downey Jr. Discovers Iron Man Gay Fan Fiction

Downey Jr as Iron Man
Image Source: Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Robert Downey Jr may be a huge star, but even celebrities sometimes can’t resist the urge to Google themselves from time to time. However, Iron Man himself wasn’t prepared for this super gay surprise


Marvel superhero erotic fan fiction has been rife online for years, especially as those talented filmmakers over at Marvel Studios keep casting mega-hunks in the titular roles (Chris Hemsworth, anyone?). For those not familiar with the concept of fan fiction, it’s when fans write new storylines for popular characters, often “shipping” two together and making them bump uglies.

So, Downey Jr searched his name and what came up in the results? None other than a digitally manipulated, raunchy image of Tony Stark (sans Iron Man suit), being held captive by Thor’s evil brother, the villainous and probably horny, Loki.


It’s not the first time that a Marvel hunk caught wind of some gay shenanigans online. This year, Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt was asked if he was familiar with some of the x-rated stories that circulate online about him and the Marvel boys, and he responded: “Like, me [having sex with] Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr? That sounds pretty fun!”

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