LGBT rights are dangerous, according to new Russian game!

russia anti gay

A new online Russian game rewards players for dodging deadly western evils, such as LGBT freedom


The Russian game, from AviaSales and Tinkoff bank (a flights search engine and a financial institution) is reminiscent of the classic, Minesweeper. Except this time the killer mines are the ills of western society: drugs, refugees and LGBT rights, Gaystarnews reports.


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 13.24.11
So far, so good…


The backdrop is a map of Europe and if a player hits an LGBT ‘mine’, represented by a rainbow flag, it’s game over!


Its all over! You’ve accidentally detonated an LGBT mine!


Losers who hit a deadly rainbow flag get treated to picture of a smiling same-sex couple and the upbeat message: “‘In Europe you found LGBTs. In Sochi, only heterosexuals.”


russian anti gay game
They look surprisingly happy for dangerous, evil members of society…


If you beat the game on the first round you get 30,000 frequent flyer points, though presumably not to be spent on flights into the depraved, immoral den that is Europe.

This is the latest in a litany of anti-LGBT sentiment brewing in Russia. The state, and Putin’s party United Russia, have turned to scapegoating minorities and outsiders in order to shore up support in the face of falling oil prices and a weak rouble. This has spelled disaster for the burgeoning LGBT movement in the country with recent criminalisation of gay ‘propaganda’ and murder of prominent gay journalists.

Additionally Russia recently banded together with the Gulf States to block several key LGBT groups from attending an Aids summit at the UN this month. This move was widely condemned by Aids organisations for putting politics before human health.

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