Church of Ireland Cleric "Bewildered" By Gay Rumours


A Tyrone-based cleric says he is puzzled by gay rumours and claims he was arrested by police.


Church of Ireland Reverend Dr Peter Thompson has been left bewildered by the false rumours about his sexuality and has been subject to a criminal investigation in relation to his estranged wife, Jenni. The rumours have surfaced since the couple parted ways last year.

The young rector of Castlecaulfield and Donaghmore in Co. Tyrone is a father of three and is confused as to why he is the subject of such gossip.

Speaking to Sunday Life last week, Rev Thompson said: “What I want to say is, I haven’t been cautioned or arrested by police, and I am not gay – there is no substance to these allegations.

“To be honest I don’t know at this time (why I have been targeted).”

However, this is not the first time he has been the subject of such rumours; his Facebook account was hacked last December, while Armagh Archbishop Most Reverend Richard Lionel Clarke was sent an email on behalf of “concerned parishoners” in the Castlecaulfield area.


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