Vegan Group Claims "Chemical Pollutants" Cause People To Be LGBT+

A vegan group is facing backlash over a now deleted post stating that people are gay and transgender because of pollutants in food.

Vegan Group Claims

A vegan Facebook group have rejected all criticism after stating that being gay and transgender is unnatural and “caused by synthetic chemical pollutants.”

The group, Pembrokeshire Vegan Organic, a Welsh advocacy group that promotes awareness of vegan diets and lifestyle options, claimed that being gay and trans were “sexual development problems” and said they are “caused by synthetic chemical pollutants.”

They added, “The promotion of gay and trans is the promotion of sexual development disorders, caused by environmental pollutants and media and educational manipulation. The promotion of homosexuality and gender at children tries to promote the view that transgender and homosexuality are natural and healthy lifestyle choices, which is not true.

“There is nothing natural or healthy about wanting to be the opposite from what we are born, transgender is an environmental developmental disorder that is being promoted as natural and normal.”

They deleted the original post after facing backlash but they are now being bombarded with questions and anger in the comments of every new post.

One user commented: “As a vegan, I’m truly disgusted by the homophobic agenda you are pushing. You are hurting an entire community of people in a pathetic attempt to gain followers. It is ugly, this page is ugly, and the ones who run it are ugly.”

The group replied, supporting their original claim and decision.

Vegan group homophobic comments

Prior to the homophobic and transphobic post, the group had numerous five-star ratings. Now, there are more than 150 one-star reviews many of which criticise the group’s anti-LGBT message. One review simply said, “Homophobic! Stay well away!!”.

Pembrokeshire Vegan Organic replied, “Nothing is ‘homophobic’ about stating the truth about synthetic chemicals being linked to sexual development problems in humans.” The group has responded to several other reviews calling users “haters” and stating they are denying the truth about food.

The group has been compared to Youtuber Mari Lopez who said veganism and faith cured her of homosexuality and cancer. She later died from cancer in December 2017.

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