Riyadh Calls the Westboro Baptist Church

riyadh westboro baptist church

Youtuber Riyadh Khalaf decided to call the Westboro Baptist Church to see how he might get into heaven – after a torrent of homophobic comments on his videos.


Riyadh – who last week posted a video in which is mum read his Grindr messages – contacted the infamous gay-hating cesspool that is the Westboro Baptist Church. Riyadh received a deluge of homophobic comments from the infamous Shirley Phelps – matriarch and all-around deluded nutjob – on a number of his videos.

One such comment: “This is what happens when the fag enablers turn the country to the fags. These people are going to hell.” Oh Shirley, you magical little troll.

Anyway… Riyadh decided to confront Shirley about her comments and her beliefs while trying to actually ask her questions. The results are fantastic.

Watch the video below:

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