WATCH: Dublin Bus release stunning video ‘The Long Road to Pride’

Older members of the LGBT+ community share their stories of going to Pride for the first time in Dublin Bus video ‘The Long Road to Pride’.

Dublin Bus The Long Road to Pride poster

Dublin Bus has released the video ‘The Long Road to Pride’, portraying the lives of older members of the LGBT+ community and what it means for them to attend Pride. The stories shared in the video will move anyone to tears. As shown in ‘The Long Road to Pride’, accessibility to the Pride parade is crucial as many people could feel left out of the celebrations. 

‘The Long Road to Pride’ captures the isolation felt by many of the older members of the LGBT+ community and the life changing power of being invited to Pride. To be able to live freely and come together is fundamental to Pride yet there are many people who have had to endure years of silence and loneliness. ‘The Long Road to Pride’ is a sign of changing times as people spoke openly about their experience and what it meant for them to attend Dublin Pride on the June 29, 2019.   

The older LGBT+ members were moved to tears by the welcoming environment of Dublin Pride. It is heartwarming to watch them beam with happiness as they celebrate who they are. Every person who has watched ‘the Long Road to Pride’ has been brought to tears by the older LGBT+ members openness and honesty. 

“For many, the road to Pride is a long one. This year we were lucky enough to give some older members of Ireland’s LGBT+ the Pride they never had. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed being part of it,” stated Dublin Bus as part of the video’s release. 

The video is an incredibly follow on from last years ‘Proudest Dads’, featuring Dads expressing support for their sons and daughters. Dublin Bus is fast making a tradition out of bringing us to tears with unique and lovely stories every year.


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