Group Of 10 Teenagers Carry Out Vicious Homophobic Attack

A UK gay man was subjected to a prolonged vicious homophobic attack in a late night takeaway carried out by a gang of teenagers.

Jason Wade with blood on his face following an attack by a group of teenagers

UK police have launched an appeal to find the group of teenagers who left a gay man with broken bones in his face following an unprovoked attack in a takeaway. The victim, 24 year-old Jason Wade from Hull, shared on social media the results of the vicious beating.

Jason and a friend had stopped into the takeaway during a night out and were instantly bombarded with homophobic abuse and bad language. In his post, Jason described what followed, “The next thing I see is one of my friends being knocked to the floor. He had been punched.”

The attackers turned on Jason when he tried to assist his friend, inflicting serious wounds over the course of the prolonged attack before fleeing into the night. Not realising the seriousness of his injuries, Jason managed to pick himself and his friend up and leave the takeaway, but the abuse hadn’t finished yet. “As I was walking back to my friends, I was on the phone to the police at the time, a white Ford Focus pulled up and shouted, ‘You’ve just attacked my brother, you effing gay faggot. Next time I see you, you’re dead!’

A trip to the hospital the next morning revealed the extent of his injuries. “I had to go for a CT scan and the doctor came back saying I’d broken my nose and my sinuses are blocked. The facial surgeon then said I’d broken my eye socket, fractured my cheekbone, had a broken jaw and had swelling in my face. The doctor said my jaw needs realigning and I might need surgery on my eye socket.”

The group of teenagers were between 13 and 16 years old. Humberside Police spokesperson, Mark Peasgood said in a statement, “Anyone who knows anything about this incident should call us as a matter of urgency. These two young men were going about their business when they were assaulted and we want to find the people who did it.”

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