Lesbian Scene Cut From 'Jurassic World 2'

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom reportedly cut a scene where one female character stated that she doesn't "date men".

Jurassic World Cuts Lesbian Scene

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” star, Daniella Pineda, originally had a scene where her character revealed she is gay but it was cut from the film.

Pineda plays paleo-veterinarian Dr Zia Rodriguez. The dinosaur doctor helps Chris Pratt’s character rescue the creatures from an erupting volcano that could cause their extinction.

She said in an interview with Build that a line of dialogue was removed.

“I understood why they cut it — for sake of time. It’s me and Chris Pratt and we are in a military vehicle with all of these mercenaries,” Pineda told Build. “I look at Chris and am like, ‘Yeah. Square jaw. Good bone structure. Tall. Muscles. I don’t date men, but if I did, it would be you. It would gross me out, but I would do it.'”

The justification for the scene’s removal is that the movie was running too long and it didn’t serve the larger story.

“It was cool, because it was a little insight into my character,” Pineda said in regards to the missing dialogue.

There is a long history of scenes being cut from films if a character’s sexual identity, especially if it isn’t heterosexual, is mentioned or depicted.

Often, notions of character’s sexuality is cut completely, given lip service or only partly there.

For example, JK Rowling has stated that Albus Dumbledore from “Harry Potter” is gay. But it isn’t written in any books or depicted in any film.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe received criticism from many fans after they completely ignored the sexuality of Valkyrie, who has relationships with women in the comics, in “Thor: Ragnorok. Tessa Thompson, the actress who plays Valkyrie, confirmed her character is bisexual via twitter.

Many LGBT+ fans are calling for an end to meaningless “off screen queering” of characters. They want to see actual representation in films and movies, not just statements proclaiming a character’s sexuality.

Pineda has stated that if her character returns in the franchise, she hopes there will be a way for her sexuality to make it into the film.

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is in theatres now.

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