'Triplings' Dads Fundraise for Airfare Home to New Zealand


A New Zealand couple have been forced to crowdfund their return home after finding themselves and their three newborn ‘triplings’ stranded in Mexico.


Despite planning for four years, David and Nicky Beard were hit with unexpected expenses after one of their ‘triplings’ – three babies born from the sperm of one man and one egg donor, but carried by different surrogates – experienced complications after birth.

In addition, the couple’s Givealittle page – founded by a friend to assist the family in returning home – claims that an adoption agency that was supposed to help the couple took “left them stranded on arrival”. Other reports state that the Cancun-based adoption agency “took off” with the money the Beard’s had sent for costs such as medical and legal bills.

David Beard told TVNZ’s Breakfast show that it was the additional hospital stay, which cost $108,000 NZD really “stuffed us up” as it was outside the couple’s budget.

Beard with a ‘tripling’ on TVNZ’s Breakfast show

“We paid everything up front in New Zealand before we left, we had $40,000 in the bank to get us home, which was ample, and this is where we’ve ended up.”

“I fight for the underdog, and it’s hard to reach out for help, but I’ve gotta reach out for help. We’ve got two days left paid at our hotel…we’re desperate.”

“We totally planned this out,” Beard said via video-link, while cradling one of the ‘triplings’. “It’s four years of planning! We have been stuffed by this agency vanishing with the money and by this clinic and the $108,000.”

To date the page has raised $12, 827.88. To donate, click here.

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