UK Hairdresser Daryll Rowe Accused Of Purposely Infecting 10 Gay Hookups With HIV

The man deliberately tampered with condoms, allege his lovers, leading to infection of at least 10 men with HIV

Daryll Rowe on the left who has been accused of purposely infecting ten hookups with HIV

A Scottish hairdresser has been accused of intentionally infecting as many as ten male partners with HIV.

Twenty-six-year-old Daryll Rowe, who is HIV-positive, is currently standing trial for grievous bodily harm and attempted grievous bodily harm for allegedly “tampering with the condoms” during sex.

Rowe was originally accused of infecting two of his sexual partners with HIV, Pink News reported.

However, following a police recommendation for Rowe’s previous sexual partners to present themselves and test for HIV, a further eight alleged victims have joined the case.

While intentionally infecting someone with HIV is classified as grievous bodily harm in the UK, those who are HIV-positive, on effective treatment and with an undetectable viral load are unable to pass on HIV to their sexual partners.

The judge hearing the case, which is due to last another six weeks, has granted lifelong anonymity to all of the alleged victims, reports GSN.

Rowe denies all charges against him.


Deliberate Campaign

However, those testifying against Rowe allege that he gloated about spreading HIV following sexual encounters after his HIV diagnosis in April 2015.

“With full knowledge, putting others at risk, he embarked on what was a cynical and deliberate campaign to infect other men with the HIV virus,” said Caroline Carberry QC, the prosecutor.

I came inside you and I have HIV, lol. Whoops!

“Unfortunately for some of the men he met, his campaign was successful.

“He had numerous, casual sexual relationships with men he met via Grindr [and] he deceived each of those men into believing he was HIV negative,” she said.

“He reassured the men he was clean and when they insisted on a condom, he deliberately sabotaged the condom.”

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The alleged contact that victims had with Rowe following their sexual encounters with him would indicate that his act of spreading the virus was a callous and calculated move, if proven to be truthful.

“Many of them were sent abusive and mocking messages,” said Carberry.

It was heard in court that the hairdresser texted an alleged victim: “Maybe you have the fever cos I came inside you and I have HIV, lol. Whoops!”

Another alleged victim claims that Rowe called him and laughed while he divulged that he was positive, allegedly saying: “I ripped the condom. You’re so stupid, you didn’t even know.”

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