WATCH: Channel 4 claps back at sexist, homophobic complaints with this all-star video

Entitled 'Complaints Welcome', Channel 4 released a video in which the channel's most-loved icons re-enact homophobic and sexist complaints made by viewers.

Ceramic artist Grayson Perry in his studio as his female alter-ego, Claire for a Channel 4 ad
Image: Channel 4, Ceramic artist Grayson Perry in his studio as his female alter-ego, Claire

In response to genuine complaints they receive regarding the diverse range of actors featured in their shows, Channel 4 has released a video wherein some of their beloved stars unapologetically re-enact these quibbles in the unorthodox yet hilarious manner distinctive to their shows.

Entitled ‘Complaints Welcome’, the bold ad opens with Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson kissing his husband, Carl Hyland before suddenly exclaiming “I’m not homophobic, but do we have to have gay-kissing at dinnertime?”. Richardson then, of course, proceeds to chomp a turkey leg – an example of the outlandish humour you can look forward to from the video.

The diverse range of clips feature the likes of The Great British Bake Off‘s Prue Leith, Jamie Oliver, the Derry Girls (who “need subtitles”), and rapper Big Narstie (who is “too black”).

The Handmaid’s Tale is graffitied as “feminist propaganda”, Rachel Riley of Countdown denounces criticisms of her “totally inappropriate” outfit with “O whatever”, and artist Grayson Perry proclaims “It wouldn’t be so bad if he tried to make himself look like a normal woman!”. Furthermore, Catastrophe comedian Sharon Hogan’s statement “This just confirms my suspicion that women aren’t funny” is met with rounds of laughter.

Rather than quietly striving for constant political correctness, this snarky advert from Channel 4 is a brilliant challenge to the conservative backlash their inclusive shows receive.

Director of programmes Ian Katz explained: “This campaign celebrates one of the things at the heart of Channel 4’s identity: challenging the way our viewers think about the world. When there isn’t someone complaining about one of our shows we should be worried.”

Expanding on this, Channel 4 stated: “Channel 4 was set up to be different, to provoke debate, take bold creative risks and represent unheard voices from all around the country. So sometimes we may cause a bit of a stir, but that’s part of our job.”

The video concludes with an encouragement to viewers to send on their complaints to [email protected]

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