Barack Obama 'Fist Bumps' Gay Comedian

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Daniel Rugg Webb, an amateur comedian and cashier at Frankin Barbeque in Texas had an unexpected customer in Obama, and decided to make his moment with the president count.


Webb told the Austin Chronicle that there had been a rumour that the president of the United States was going to be visiting the restaurant. When the secret service came to the BBQ joint to scope it out before the presidential visit, the rumour was confirmed. “[They] frisked everybody, which was kind of my favorite part,” Webb, who is openly gay, joked. “Then he just showed up.”

Not wanting to miss a once in a lifetime chance to speak to the most powerful man in the world, Webb thought on his feet. Just when Obama was signing the $300 bill, he slammed his fist on the counter and said, “Equal rights for gay people!”.

A little shocked, Obama responded, “Are you gay?” to which Webb replied, “Only when I’m having sex.”

With that, the world’s coolest president laughed and fist bumped the cashier before joking with Webb saying, “Not in front of the kids!”

The 32 year-old was obviously delighted with his encounter saying, “As a comedian, it was cool to have a moment where I was making a sitting president laugh — over something that might be considered inappropriate is a bonus.”

And behold, it was all caught on camera. Amazing.


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