Time For Change

April 2023

Welcome to the April/May edition of GCN! As that attention-grabbing cover designed by super talented GCN family member Dave Darcy implies – it’s time for change.

In these pages, there’s a call-to-arms to end the platforming of anti-trans discourse in the media. Young changemakers share the need to protect from the bigotry of social media attacks and the Executive Director of ShoutOut calls out the global pushback against LGBTQ+ inclusive education.

We remember the exceptional Terri Blanche, alongside a feature on Mary Dorcey co-founding the SLM, while Unshrinking Violets looks at 50 years of lesbian activism.

We have a piece in Portuguese addressing Brazilian queer folk, an interview with the first Indian male belly dancer in Ireland, and info on how to help the queer folk in Ukraine.

A feature on drag performers breaking the mould sits alongside a piece on Irish dance for the queer community. Expect a look at the history of queer theatre in Ireland and the club night Dance To The Underground. Read about the power of virtual connections and the history of coded language. Homeworks shares a workshop helping combat climate change, while Hayley Fox Roberts details her hopes for the NXF, and there’s an interview with the people behind the essential LGBT Ireland National Helpline.

Enjoy a ton of content celebrating the resilience, creativity, love, bravery, drive and power of our united community.

Time for Change cover by Dave Darcy

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