National LGBT Federation urges political parties to prioritise full equality for all LGBT+ citizens

The NXF have released their manifesto of issues important to the LGBT+ community in advance of the general elections this Saturday.

A group of five young people at a Pride Parade, all dressed in rainbow accessories, all holding hands

With the upcoming elections on February 8, many LGBT+ community support groups have announced the most important issues they want the Government to address. The National LGBT Federation (NXF) have released their manifesto calling on all political parties to urgently implement legislation aimed at establishing full and equal rights for all LGBT+ people in Irish society.

Caroline Keane, Chair of the NXF, shared, “From the pressing need to finally legislate in the area of Hate Crime and Hate Speech, to ensuring a fully LGBT+ inclusive curriculum becomes a reality in every Irish school, and in terms of the many other priority areas outlined in our manifesto, it’s clear there is still much to do in securing real and tangible equality for LGBT+ people.

“We are therefore calling on all political parties to endorse this road-map for equality and commit to implementing it should they form part of the new incoming government.”

Here are the important issues that the National LGBT Federation (NXF) shared:

Hate Crime

.Enact a specific Hate Crime law that is robust and LGBT+ inclusive.
.Provide comprehensive training to all those tasked with enforcing the new law.
.Significantly strengthen the 1989 Incitement To Hatred Act by lowering the threshold of proof required for conviction.

Education Equality

.Make LGBT + themes a compulsory element of the new RSE (Relationships & Sexuality Education) curriculum and applicable to all schools, regardless of ‘ethos’ (as per recommendation of All-Party Oireachtas Education Committee).
.Repeal the provision of the 1998 Education Act that allows schools to teach RSE in line with the ‘characteristic spirit of the school’. The right of all young people to a fact- based education delivered in an affirming and inclusive environment needs to become the priority in this crucially important area.
.Adopt the Scottish model of incorporating LGBT+ themes across the entire school curriculum.

Trans, Intersex and Non-Binary Equality

.Implement in full the recommendations of the Gender Recognition Review Group.
.Commit to improving trans healthcare to WPATH standards and removing the current barriers preventing proper and timely access.

Ban So-Called ‘Gay Conversion Therapy

.Enact a comprehensive ban on the abusive and discredited practice known as so-called ‘gay conversion therapy’, making illegal any attempt to alter or to change a person’s sexual and/or gender identity.

Discriminatory Blood Donation Policy

.End the one year deferral (since last sexual contact) imposed on MSM (Men who have sex with Men) who wish to donate blood and instead ensure that policy in this area is governed by individual health practices rather than gender and/or sexual orientation.

LGBT+ Families

.Afford full legal recognition to families who conceived through AHR, (Assisted Human Reproduction) whether in Ireland or abroad.
.Legal recognition of families formed through surrogacy through a law that regulates the practice in Ireland.

Workplace Equality

.Introduce mandatory equality and diversity training across the public sector.

Mental Health Supports

.Significantly increase state funding tailored specifically towards LGBT+ mental health supports.

Global LGBT+ Solidarity

.Until Direct Provision is abolished, introduce mandatory equality and diversity training for all those who work within the system. In preparing asylum seekers for life in Ireland, ensure that LGBT+ rights form a core component of a wider integration strategy.
.At an EU level, seek to have state sanctioned discrimination against LGBT+ people (eg Poland) considered as serious a breach of EU rules as ‘rule of law’ violations, with rigorous sanctions.
.Irish Aid to add LGBT+ equality as one of its development goals and to proactively support LGBT+ rights and oppose homophobic/transphobic persecution in donor aid countries.
.Greater supports and protections for LGBT+ asylum seekers.

Sexual Health

.Provide adequate funding to LGBT+ sexual health services.
.Ensure access to PrEP for all who wish to use it.
.Fund a public campaign to tackle HIV stigma.

#VoteWithPride this Saturday February 8.

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